Kennel Lapicum - Siberian Huskies


 RACES in 2014/2015


SM-SILVER 6-dog team (Swedish Championship)

Freyja and Axa get 1 First prize and 1 Second prize in Swedish workmerits in race season 2014/2015

RM -SILVER 6-dog team, 2nd Place in race for pure breed siberians.

FINLAND- 1 REK 1- 1 price workmerits in Finland.

And also 1 REK 2. in lead Axa, Freyja and Spring in team.

Spring also make REKÄ/yle 2


Winter 2013/2014

Terrible Winter and many races get cancelled in lack of snow

only two races for me in Sweden and one in Finland this year

This Winter I borrow in two really good Brothers from SMALL DETAIL`S KENNEL in Gällivare.

Small Detail´s Snowman- "Louie" on lead

and brother

Small Detail´s Iceman- "Ice" in Wheel.

Big thanks to Jeanette and Micke for trust me the boys for racing.

In lead my own "Axa" and in Wheel "Freyja", freyja also make last day on both races in lead instead of Axa.

Picture above from Rautavaara just Before finnishline


Totally in Sweden Siberian Husky cup 3rd Place

Swedish Championship in Kiruna/ 3 days- 2 nd Place and SM/Silver medalj

Siberian pure breed race in Norråker/ 2 days- 3rd Place and RM/bronz medalj


Finnish Championship/Rautavaara: 5/12 in result REK 2

Nice Photo taken at Kiruna Challange/Kiruna Sleddogclub januari-14 of

Ida-Helene Sivertsen. "Axa" in lead with borrowed male Small Detail´s Snowman "Louie",

in Wheel goes Freyja and Atle. Photo taken just after start.

One day race: S4/10,2km


 WINTER 2012/2013

Totally Siberian husky cup- of just one competition winter 12/13: 17/26


Kiiminki 17/3-

REK 2 place: 12/26

Axa- (Pahua)

Freyja- Heavy


Atle goes in (wildtribes team), driver Victoria Ryytty= REK 3

Kiiminki 16/3

Axa goes for JOH in REKÄ with Saanas team

REKÄ/Joh 3 (43/60 points)


Lillholmsjö - no official result, because one day cancelled. Plac: 6/11


27/1-13 Mäntsälä/ Finland Sledding/workingtest- REKÄ

Axa get REKÄ/YLE (team) 1, (56/60 points) = FI UCH

Thanks! and for help Saana/Arctic Power kennel.


WINTER 2011/2012


4-dog team: Plac:10/28


24-25/3-2012 Polardograce/Strömsund-Sweden (2* 7,5km)

(Thor)- Axa



Total: 51.43

Day 1: 25,57

Day 2: 25,46

(Thor from wild tribes/Camilla)

All photos: Annika Fjällborg

11/3- 12 Kiiminki/Finland Sledding/Racetest- REK (2* 5 km)

(Brage)- Axa

Freyja- (Haldir)


place: 11/24

1st heat: 13.04

2nd heat: 15.15 (another team have problem and make time goes)

Total: 28.19

Axa 2nd time on lead have now 2 * REK 2 as leaddog.

Freyja get ready in test in Finland and

Haldir can after the race take out his FI UCH. Male living at kennel winterchaos and Gaias loverboy.

(Johanna/ up north kennel)



2-4/3-2012 SM/ KIRUNA , Sweden(3*10,2km)

(Brage)- Axa

(Frosti)- Atle

Plac: 7/9

Day 1: 33,50 (snowstorm- no tracks)

Day 2: 29,48

Day 2: 28,57

Total: 1,32,35

* three dogs finnish the race, Frosti was taken of the team for last day.

(Johanna/Up north kennels dogs)

Photo: Ann Christin Lindgren

Photo: Anna Sunna



25/2-12 Kangasniemi/Finland Sledding/workingtest- REKÄ

Atle & Freyja get REKÄ/ YLE 1= (56/60 points)=Excellent in team.

And Atle can now take out his FI UCH.

(for help in lead they have 2 dogs from arctic power kennel/Saana.)


28/1-12 Ylämaa/Finland. Sledding/workingtest-REKÄ

Amber & Dante get REKÄ- YLE 1= (53/60 points)=Excellent in team.

And both can now take out the FI UCH.

(for help in lead they have Isa from kennel Chiliways and my Allit)


29/1-12 Ylämaa/Finland. Sledding/Race test- REK

Atle and Axa/lead get REK-2= very good. 

Axa - (Brage)

Atle - (Frosti)

(Frosti and Brage from kennel Upnorth)

In Finland it´s New to drive 2 heat at one day, 2* 6 km

1st heat- 15,14

2nd heat- 17,38 (problems with lines)

total:32,52 min.

Plac: 9/16


 WINTER 2010/2011

19-20/2-2011 Nornäs-Sweden/ SHAM-draget/ PHP3, Sweden

4SC 2*10km

Plac: 10/17 total time: 00.58.03



Driver Marielle Rönnebro

(Teebee & Pahana from Kennel Wild Tribe)


12-13/2-2011 Kiruna Open/( inoff.), Sweden

4SC 2*10km

Plac: 1/2, total time: 01.12.47


Atle- Axa

Driver: Marielle Rönnebro


WINTER 2009/2010 

9-10/1-2010 Toivakka-FINLAND/ ROBUR SPRINT/ REK TEST- open competition.

Two 4SC teams entred- Both teams get REK 3.




2*8km- total time: 00.36:45

(Isa from Kennel Chiliways) 




Plac: 11/21

2*8km- total time: 00.35:35

(Driver Marielle Rönnebro)

Winter 2008-2009


S.h-cup: 4SC- Plac.9/29, (40p)



7/3-09  Kiruna Open, Sweden 

4SC- 2*10,3 km

total time: 00.53.07 Plac.2/2



(Caisa from Kennel UpNorth)


6/2-09 Gafsele SM/SOC- (s.h.cup), Sweden

4SC- 3*7,5 km

total time: 01.03.36 Plac. 6/12



(Alou & Wilda from kennel Wild Tribe´s)


10/1-09 Lillholmsjö KM- (s.h.cup), Sweden

4SC- 2*10km

total time: 00.50.13 Plac.10/20



(Aluo & Wilda from kennel Wild Tribe´s)


6SC- 2*13,5km

total time: 01.21.20  Plac.14/14




(Caisa kennel UpNorth, all other kennel Wild tribe´s)

Driver Johanna Adolfson


21/12-08 Kiruna KM (inoff.), Sweden

6SC- 2*11,7km

total time: 01.13.37 Plac.1/1




Ylva from Kennel Chiliway´s & Caisa from UpNorth

Driver Johanna Adolfson


Winter 2007-2008

Total winter: S.h-cup- 24/53 (30p)


15/2-08 Kiruna SM/SOC (s.h.cup), Sweden

4SC- 3*10,1km

total time: 01.40.54 Plac.3/4 SM-BRONS



Boo and Zohla borrowed from Kennel Wild Tribe´s & Frosti from Kennel UpNorth


4SC- 3*10,1km

total time: 01.56.21  Plac.4/4



Ylva from Kennel Chiliway´s and Caisa from Kennel UpNorth and Never from

Kennel Wild Tribe´s

Driver Johanna Adolfson


13/1-08 Lillholmsjö KM (s.h.cup), Sweden

4SC- 2*8km

total time: 00.47.28  Plac.12/14



Ylva-kennel Chiliway´s & Frosti kennel UpNorth