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Freyja and Axa get 1 First prize and 1 Second prize in Swedish workmerits in race season 2014/2015

RM -SILVER 6-dog team, 2nd Place in race for pure breed siberians.

FINLAND- 1 REK 1- 1 price workmerits in Finland.

And also 1 REK 2. in team Axa, Freyja and Spring.

Spring also make REKÄ/yle 2


CIB- "Axa" get her final cacib in may and became CIB

NOUCH & DKUCH- "Rajja" get her titels in june

NOUCH- "Freyja" get last big certificate and Went BIG 1 in Harstad in october

NOW-15 & NOJW-15- "Turbo" in juniorclass, big Certificate

NOJW-15- "Tara" 3rd best female


Get home one Male from Finland- "Turbo" in april. It´s a son after "Axa"s sister "Siperia"



Went to Helsinki Winner Show

Atle became 2nd best male with r-cacib,


Dante Went BOB with cacib in Harstad/int. His dauther Shiva Went BOS with cert and cacib and his other dauther Went best bitch 3


Rajja get her 2nd certificate in Tromsö, also get BOB and BIG2

Spring get BOS and certificate in Tromsö


PUPPIES born at the kennel 7/8, 2 Girls and 3 boys (e: Born To Run Gim-Li u: Chiliways Freyja, two of the puppies will be for sale

Lapicum A New Day Has Come- "Rajja" get Certificate and cacib and was BOB at Bornholm/Danmark


new SEUCH/NORDCH at the kennel, Axa. She get her last certificate at Piteå SPHK i may.

Spring has made debut in showring, and result in Finland was BOS and Certificate


Freyja and Axa have been on SM in Finland and get price REK2 also run 2 races in Sweden; SM Kiruna when they get PHP 1st price and placed with SM-Silver and also RM Norråker whenthey get PHP 2nd Price and bronsplace in siberian husky competition... after this race they have qualify to take out SE UCH. For help all Three times they have two males from "Small Details kennel in Gällivare

new SEUCH/FI UCH at the kennel, Freyja


update of webside




New CIB at the kennel- Breda Blickens Atle

New NO UCH at the kennel- Lapicum One Way To Heaven


Kiiminki- REK test

Axa- (Pachua)

Freyja- Heavy


(Pachua from wild tribe´s kennel) Driver:Me

(S)- (Alou)

(Narga)- Atle


(Wild Tribe´s Kennel) Driver: Victoria Ryytty

Strömsund- sledcompetition

one day was the competitioncancelled= no official results

4S- 13,5km place: 6/11 Driver: Me

Borrowed 3 dogs from Small Detail´s

(Luna)- (Louie)

(Ice)- Freyja

4S- 13,5 km place 10/11 Driver: Victoria Ryytty

Borrowed dogs from Wild Tribes

(S)- (Alou)

(Narga)- Atle


Mäntsälä- Ohkola/Finland

Axa make workingtest REKÄ/Yle 1(56/60 points)= FI UCH

Sphk polardogshow

Freyja best bitch 2 with Certificate

Atle best male 2 and BOS-working male


19/12- 12 Update all paiges with info, result and photos



Saturday- Freyja-vg


Atle- EX with ck 2nd best championmale

Axa- BOB with certificate and cacib= FIW-12

Finnish Winner-12 and kvalificated to Crufts 13 or 14.



Atle- best male 2 with reserv-cacib

Freyja- best bitch 1, BOB with certificate and cacib


SHS-special Ristijärvi-Finland

Atle-ck.1. best championmale



Tromsö International

Axa- BOB with certificat and cacib and NEW NO UCH

Atle- BOS with cacib

Heavy- best male 2 with certificat and resevr-cacib


Narvik national

Freyja- BOB and certificat

Ivalo groupshow

Axa- BOB with certificat and BIG 3

Atle. BOS

Överkalix national

Atle- BOS

Freyja- BOB with certificat

Axa- best female2 with r-certificat

Svenstavik International

Axa- BOS with certificat and cacib

Atle- best male2 r-cacib



Atle- best male 3 with r-cacib


Dante- best male 2 with certificat and r-cacib


Puppies has arrived

Amber get 2 boys and 3 girls 5/6-12

PUPPIES has arrived

Gaia get 3 boys 30/5-12

see at puppies page and on my blogg:

I will update on the blogg. 

Piteå national

Atle went BOS, and Freyja get EX and Axa get good. The opposite result of girls from last weekend.

SPHK Bjurholm

Atle was 2nd best male totally at the specialshow, but because he is full in certificate the reserv-cert went to no 3. Axa and amber get EX and CK, and Freyja get G.

Eyeexam 7 of the dogs at the kennel 6/5-12

all are eyes- clear/OK

Atle, Amber, Dante, Gaia, Axa, Freyja, Heavy


Polardograce-Strömsund 24-25/3-2012


Atle- Freyja

11/3-REK Kiminki

Axa run in lead again and get her 2nd REK 2.

Freyja get her 1st REK 2 and get ready in all working test.

Haldir (gaias loverboy) run with the team and also get REK 2 and became FI UCH/MVA.

SM-Kiruna 2-4/3-2012



(Johannnas dogs)

End up with 3 dogs at finnishday. (Frosti was take of the team) Plac:7



24/2-REKÄ test Kangasniemi

Atle and Freyja get result on workingtest REKÄ 1= Excellent as YLE/team dogs. Points: 56/60 both.

Atle can now take out his FI UCH/MVA

So his new titel will be

FIUCH, NOUCH Breda Blickens Atle



28-29/1 Ylämaa/Finland REKÄ/REK test

Amber and Dante get result on workingtest REKÄ 1= exellent as YLE/team dogs, and have make all nessesery test to get out their FIUCH (MVA) Points: 53/60 for both


FIUCH, NOUCH, CIB Bedarra M´m M´m Good "Amber"

FIUCH, NOUCH Takoda C´Fats Domino "Dante"

Atle and Axa get result REK 2= very good, on race/sleddingtest. Axa as leaddog.


Show news: Kajaani/int.

Freyja/u.k- BOB with cert and cacib

Atle/ck- BOS get his last cert and cacib

Axa/ök- Ex and ck

NEW YEAR 2012- and new BLOGG for kennel lapicum

...the blogg will only be in swedish.


NOVEMBER- Breeding plans uppdate

AUGUST- Showdebut for the juniors: Freyja cert/Bob and r-cert at doubble in tromsö, Heavy cert/bos.

MAY- 2 NEW NO UCH at the kennel- Atle and Gaia

and Atles daughter move in at the kennel, Chiliways Freyja

FEBRUARY- PHP3- competition in Sweden, SHAM in Nornäs. Plac: 10/17

(Pahana- Teebee)

Atle- Axa

JANUARY- Atle went BIS3 at SPHK/ Kiruna Snowdog, Axa get r-cert, and amber went bb3


DECEMBER- X-ray a few dogs at the kennel. all are HD:A/ED:0. Amber, Atle, Gaia, Dante.

All puppies have find their new home.

OCTOBER- Puppies get their new names

SEPTEMBER- Allit/Atles puppies are born, 6 boys.

Teebee have moved to Kennel Wild Tribe´s.

AUGUST- New C.I.B. at the kennel, Amber.

JUNI- New NOUCH at the kennel, Dante and he also went BIG-2

MAY- Eye-exam a few dogs at the kennel, all OK/clear. Amber, Atle, Dante, Gaia, Axa.

Nenah is now living with Annika and the pack.

MARCH- New NO UCH at the kennel. Amber.

JANUARY- REK-competition in Finland- Toivakka Sprint. Two teams practipice in 4S, and both teams Qualify/passed with REK3.

(Isa)- Dante                  Nippe- (Teebee)

Allit- Gaia                     Atle- Amber