Kennel Lapicum - Siberian Huskies

Kennel Lapicum

The kennelname get confirmed at FCI in 2006 for breed on siberian huskies.


In lead FIV-12, CIB, NOUCH, FIUCH, SEUCH Arctic Power Storm Warning with Small Detail´s Snowman, in Wheel SEUCH, FIUCH, NOUCH Chiliway´s Freyja with Small Detail´s Iceman. SM/Rautavaara, Finland februari- 2014



The kennel are now a days located in Lainio village, in Kiruna community in Lapland, Sweden.

For now are 6 siberain huskies living at the kennel.

The human family are me, Agneta and my husband Robert and two children, Rebecca and Rasmus, and Rebeccas son Johnny.


I start with dogs of polar breeds, both pure and mixed in 1990, under all years the main purpose has been working for my breeding. And I have under all this years working extra now and then with dogsactivites and driving with guests that have been visited our family company/touristcamp, Lainio Vildmark. Most part of the pack was under all this years mixed breed, but some pure siberian & alaskan malamutes and greenlanders have passed through... Nowadays I don´t work in tourism anymore with the dogs, only make some races and shows with them.


Dante waiting for race at Toivakka Sprint 2010


In 2004 I decided to start to breed only pure siberian huskies. And at autumn I bye my two first pure breed ones, Indian Tribe Husky´s Nipmuck  and Wild Tribe´s Nenah . In 2006 I registrated my kennelname; Lapicum. The name was easy to decide because we live in Swedish Lapland.

My main purpose in my breeding are workability and health and mentality at the dog. I also like them to follow the standard of siberian husky. And I like the old, good looking type of the sibes. The type that can manage the cold and hard winters up here in north Sweden; it means good construction, fur, paws and good/low or medium in metabolism. I also think that healthcheck are important before using dogs in breeding. It make better odds for you, to get healty dogs out of your breeding, of course it don´t give you any guarantee. We here in Sweden don´t have any regulations of that before breeding, but many other countries have it. So all my dogs get eyeexam at least one time in life as young and also some of them get x-ray hips and elbows before breeding. I feel this healthcheck are important, because healthproblems with eyes and crypto males are getting bigger. Nowadays I also make goniscopi check on the ones that may be used in breeding.

I have had siberians with many different bloodlines at the kennel, and have also imported some from France, Germany and Finland, and I like them all. My vision in my breeding is to get medium sized dogs with good workability, good & calm mentality, good health and a good "old looking type" of siberian husky and of course a husky that can manage to live and be outside, so good fur and paws are important. Also important is to take care of the packmentality, I mean no breeding on stuffy and fighting individs that have problems go be in a pack.

Mainwork for my dogs are sledding with just me and my family as hobby. I do some sledraces and workingtests in winter and shows in summer. I think it´s nice to come out and meet other people and dogs, at diffierent places. And I think it´s funny to travel on shows in summer, when the dogs anyway have vacation from sledding. And all activity gives the dog good socialisation, and me a chance to meet other dogpeople and their dogs.

I have from year 2009 until now gained a several showchampionat on some of my dogs, and also qualified in race-test/ REK in Finland a few times and passed workingtest/ REKÄ with some of the dogs. Also gained two SM-silver and one SM-brons/ swedish championship in a sledcompetition and have one Finnish Winner-12 in show. Under this years when I start up the kennel, and many of my dogs was to young, I borrowed in some good dogs from other kennels to manage to start on races. I have started out in sprint-distance this first years, but my goal is to start out on mid-distans races in the future, when I get enough of own dogs to built a team. I think mid and long distance suit the siberians better. The short/high speed races, make the breeding going in wrong direction, to high/big dogs with bad fur and paws, and a mentality that is hot and explosive, and a  high metabolism. In the other direction, only breeding on good looking dogs without workability, makes dogs down on the continent and many countries in the world, smaller, heavier and shortlegged with to much fur, and many start to loose the mainpurpose for a siberian, the joy of working in front of a sled, and that´s bad for the race and the future.

 Racetraining at KSHK in Kiruna.

You can also find the kennel at FACEBOOK


 "Axa" Arctic Power Storm Warning as puppy


 "Axa" when she became BOB and Finnish Winner- 2012 in Helsinki